B63 Series

Product Description:

Tailboard lighting designed for use in NFPA 1901 Lighting Packages, these beacons combine our R316 Rota-Beam “rotating beacon" with directional lower level lighting featuring our popular M7 or 700 Series Super-LED™s in a single fixture.

  • Super-LEDs provide unmatched high intensity warning with low current consumption
  • 100% Solid-state, no moving parts, no motors to wear out or malfunction
  • Conformal coated electronics provide moisture and vibration resistance
  • Meets KKK 1822F, NFPA 1901 and SAE J 595/845 standards
  • Five year warranty
  • R316 Rota-Beam™, Upper
  • Low profile, solid-state Super-LED “rotating" beacon with a smooth outer dome hard coated
  • 32 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns, with varying rotating flash rates offer you almost unlimited warning and signalling choices
  • M7 Super-LED® Series, Lower
  • Unique lens shape is completely illuminated with a patented Linear-LED® designed reflector assembly
  • Lens and reflector are a sealed assembly
  • Outer hard coated lens
  • Lighthead is designed with mounting screws located outside of the sealed lens/reflector assembly, eliminating water infiltration
  • Multiple Scan-Lock flash patterns available
  • Available in single or split colors
  • 700 Series Super-LED, Lower
  • Wide angle LED™s with redesigned spreader optic lenses fill the lighthead evenly with light
  • 14 Scan-Lock flash patterns
  • Available in single or split colors
  • Weight: 3lbs,13oz (1.7Kg)
  • R316 Rota-Beam™, Upper, 3.8 amps peak, 1.5 avg @ 12.8 VDC
  • M7 Super-LED® Series, Lower, In “Solid" mode: 2.25 amps peak, 0.9 amps avg. @12.8 VDC
  • 700 Series Super-LED, Lower, 1.4 amps peak, .53 avg. per side @12.8 VDC